MPS Printing
In 5 steps
  1. Evaluation

Most of the companies are not aware about the costs for printing “inside the organization.

As such, the first step of the MPS solution is to perform an inventory and an evaluation of the equipment park. We have two methods of performing this kind of evaluations and we believe that using a combination between the two processes produces the most extensive results. When it's possible, we do an electronic evaluation, followed by an on site physical evaluation. Electronic evaluation - we use software applications installed on your network that identify printers and multifunctionals and create reports regarding expenditures and efficiency in exploitation. Thus we can observe how the devices are used in present and we can build a frame for the new solution. Physical evaluation - for the improvement of the electronic evaluation results, we recommend using a printed audit on site. This way we can clarify the workflows and we can analyze the working needs of the users. Once the evaluation is complete, we have information about how equipments are used, workflows, costs and potential zones of consolidation, management and methods of savings. We provide all these pieces of information in a proposition which includes designing the offered equipment fleet, service agreements and cost centers.

  1. Optimization

When we implement the solution, we focus on the optimization of the equipment fleet.

We will ask questions in order to understand the existing work processes and your future office needs. By fulfilling this task, we can quickly find beneficial and constructive specific solutions. The most important piece of this puzzle is the consultation. For a trustworthy consultant it is critical to undestand the business of the client and to highlight the most appropriate solution which is efficient and functional. An evaluation can indicate if a multifunctional machine in a location is undersized or oversized in comparasion with other printers in the same network. A consolidation and cost effective solution is replacing personal printers and copy machines with corporate equipments which have lower exploitation costs. The main objective of this stage is to assist the customer during the implementation, in order to help you obtain more efficiency and control of the equipment fleet.

  1. Result Analysis

The audit instruments automatically read the meters of the multifunctionals.

This happens at a pre-defined time interval and it can help us offer consultancy in order to reduce printing costs. These software solutions also allow you to create reports in order to make your own analysis of equipment use. We like to have meetings periodically to discuss the actions that we have suggested to you.

  1. Services and Supplies

The management software of the equipments sends us, with your permission, messages about the toner level in the machines, error messages and other alerts.

This messages allow us to automatically administrate stocks (we will send spare toners before the old ones run out), to read counters and track the response time for service calls.

  1. Print As A Service

The final stage of cost per page services goes beyond the fleet optimisation.

Improves the fleet capabilities, using strategies like document management and document flow. As in any case of services offers, customer monitoring is an essential practice. Here, all evaluation instruments continue to monitor and analyze the use of multifunctionals and printers, allowing us to inform our customer about the usage tendencies, changes of the workflows and associated costs. We ensure that our solution will add value to your business, and we make sure that you'll be one of our happy customers.